A man opening a window

Key areas in your home to clean

Areas of the home that everyone uses often, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are the most important to keep clean.

Using disinfectant, it is important to clean things that people touch most including taps, fridges, door handles, toilet flushes, and surfaces such as tables, kitchen tops etc.

After you’ve finished cleaning, the cloth and gloves will need washing. The cloth can go in the washing machine and the gloves washed with the soap you use for your hands. 

You could keep bottles of disinfectant or disinfectant wipes out where they are quick and handy to use. Just make sure the disinfectant is out of reach if you have young children.

Also, try to avoid sharing or touching things that visitors have used or clean them with disinfectant after they have touched them. This includes towels, taps and door handles. By doing so, you will be protecting you and your household from possibly catching the virus.

A man spreading a virus to three other people