Washing away viruses

      Washing machine

      Fabric items that may have viruses on can be washed in a washing machine (e.g. bedding, towels, face coverings, clothes). You will need to wash them in a hot wash (60°C or more) with your usual soap powder or liquid. It’s fine to put them in with other items as they will be clean once the wash has finished. 

      Before items go into the washing machine, try not to shake them out or move them around too much. 

      Throwing away 

      If you, or someone in your house is using lots of tissues, it might be easiest and safest to throw them straight in to a bag. 

      A sneezing woman with a tissue
      A green rubbish bin

      Any items that might have viruses on them should be put into a bag, tied up, and then put in to another one. The bag should be left somewhere outside for 3 days before going out for collection, so that the viruses have died by the time the rubbish is collected.