What is Germ Defence?

Germ Defence is a website which offers advice for everyone, whether they are at home or school, to keep safe from viruses, including Coronavirus.

Germ Defence WORKS

A research study with 20,000 people found:

  • People who read and follow the advice in Germ Defence are less likely to catch viruses and become ill
  • If they do become ill, the illness is likely to be less severe.

Using Germ Defence helps reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other viruses like Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the Flu, Norovirus, and stomach bugs.

Germ Defence is QUICK
  • The information is divided into small sections and you can choose how much detail you wish to see.

Germ Defence has been developed by health experts in UK universities.

You can download or print a summary of the information at the end.