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    By having the vaccine, you are much less likely to get Covid, to develop Long Covid, or to be a risk to other people. Although you may experience some side effects from the vaccines, these are much less common and severe than the effects of Coronavirus. Chris was very pleased to be fully vaccinated:

    “I was really pleased to be fully vaccinated and to see that it does work! My partner tested positive for Coronavirus when she wasn’t fully vaccinated, and I didn’t catch it” (Chris)

    Even if you do still get Coronavirus after the vaccine, having the vaccine makes you and the people around you less likely to become seriously ill, as Lara has experienced:

    “I did actually get Covid after my jabs. I was very tired and had a headache for a few days, but I was glad it was not as bad as it could have been!” (Lara)

    Even if you feel like this information isn’t important for you right now, it can still be helpful to understand how the vaccine affects other people around you.

    Alert woman

      Important points to remember:

      • The vaccine takes about 2-3 weeks to start working, so make sure you continue to be careful
      • Vaccines are not 100% effective. Some people will still become ill even after receiving the vaccine
      • If you have been vaccinated and you catch COVID-19, you are less likely to become ill, but you might still infect the people you live with.