Looking after each other

Two school friends in uniform

Everyone at school can do what they can to protect each other. It’s important to follow the advice even if you think you are not going to catch the virus. This makes sure we’re protecting our friends and family who could be at risk. Following the advice in this website will help to protect everyone in your school community and your family at home.

Doing as much as you can

It is not possible to avoid all germs, but it’s important for each person to do as much as they can to help with this. Even if you cannot follow all the advice in Germ Defence all of the time, doing the best you can is better than not trying at all. Germ Defence can help with this by suggesting other options where rules might be difficult to follow.

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Protecting people at risk

Keeping everyone safe at school is important, but it is especially important for people who may be more at risk from viruses like older people, people who might already be poorly and people who are not vaccinated. People you come into contact with might also live with someone who is at risk, so it’s best to be careful around everyone.

Following advice

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Following advice to reduce viruses spreading in schools will also help to lower the amount of virus being spread to each person’s families when they go home.